Rowntree Cover Girl "Hilda"
e. Whisborne Clansman u. FINUCH Rowntree Pure Chocolate
b. 2003-11-03



Whisborne Clansman AUCH Clanach Crowned Intartan AUCH Clanach Union Jack
AUCH Clanach Crown N Scepter
Adamant's Special Colours INTUCH KBHV-94-95 NORDUCH WW-94
Whisborne Devil In Disquise
EECH FINUCH INTUCH Adamant's Rose D'amore
FINUCH Rowntree Pure Chocolate LUCH NORDUCH NORDV-01 NORDV-02 SU(U)CH WW-00
Whisborne Angus Og
NUCH Nimblewhit Flower Power
Adamant's Special Colours
SU(U)CH Mompesson Sweet Liberty GBSHCH Mompesson Just The Ticket
Mompesson Sweet And Smart