Rowntree Rely on Me "Fancy"
e.NUCH SU(u)CH Barecho Fun For The Future    u.Tailwinds Esmeralda
b. 2002-03-09

NUCH SU(U)CH SV-02 Barecho Fun For The Future JEUW-99 NORDUCH NORDV-01 NORDV-02 SU(U)CH WW-00
Whisborne Angus Og
NUCH Nimblewhit Flower Power
Adamant's Special Colours
NUCH S VCH SU(U)CH SV-99 Barecho Pretty Picture LP Rowntree Legal Alliance
Nobhill Scarlet O'hara
SU(U)CH Tailwind's Esmeralda ITCH LUCH PTCH Rowntree Sense Of Taste FINUCH Adamant's Gengis Khan
SU(U)CH Rowntree Forbidden Fruit
Rowntree Nostalgic Girl DKUCH NUCH SUCH VDHCH
Sieger's Midnight Special
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